The Mediterranean LGBT center

The Mediterranean LGBT center (shortly “The centre”) is a muti-purpose and multifunctional space for social and cultural activities for every lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (shortly “LGBT+”) who lives in the mediterranean basin.
The center will host several activities organized by the volounteers of the association, by the volounteers of the Italian Civil Service and by the European Corps of Solidarity, aiming from the beginning, to connect the volounteers from the whole Europe.
The Center is open to everyone, no discrimination will be acted,
housing every LGBT+ and non people who want to cooperate to the purpouse of international recognisement of civil, social, human rights.

Dettagli del progetto

  • a food and cooking point for volunteers and users of the other associations and cooperatives as well as the residents of the Faber Park;
  • a meeting room with video-conferencing facilities;
  • a coworking space equipped with computer stations (computers, printers, etc.);
  • entrance hall with equipment for cinema and events;
  • social housing with kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms;
  • an office for the volunteers and the staff of the Center;
  • a multi-purpose room free of furniture to be used according to needs: for psychotherapy sessions, for gymnastic activities, for musical laboratories, in short, to let people “live” and use it on a case-by-case basis;
  • bike sharing;
  • a large terrace with Roofingreen® will guarantee elegance and comfort with the function of energetically regenerating the building, making the panoramic terrace on the Allocca Lake the center of spring and summer activities.

The cases of familiar house abandonment after coming out or outing are a lot more frequent than what we think, as much as the scolastic dispersion or the impossibility to find a job, particourarly in the territory of Caserta and even more in Aversa and Giugliano.

Our homing response is developed in favour of LGBT+ people who face a specific fragility, as:

  • the ones who are trying to reconquer full autonomy
  • the ones who wants to experiment their chances of independent life
  • the ones who are progressively losing their self-sufficiency
  • lastly, the ones who need a temporary home and a salary secure.

TARGET 60.000 €


Project of assignment of the property confiscated under the patronage of